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I'm Pregnant

Welcome to Women's Healthcare Associates. We are a group of physicians, nurse practitioners and nurses dedicated to women's health. We are glad you have chosen us to care for you during your pregnancy. The reason prenatal care is important is to make sure your pregnancy is progressing well. Our main objective is to have a healthy mom and baby.


This physician group works together to provide their patients with the best care possible. During your pregnancy, your care will mainly be provided by the doctor you have chosen as your primary clinic doctor or nurse practitioner. It is possible that you may see another physician or nurse practitioner who is not your primary clinic physician during the pregnancy. It is also possible that a doctor different from your primary clinic doctor deliver your baby. The doctors rotate call schedules, however realize the value in continuity of care and attempt to deliver their own patients when possible during the week. The physicians rotate coverage of emergencies and deliveries on the weekends. There is also a doctor on call after clinic hours for emergencies.


Please call during office hours for non-emergent calls. Office hours for phone calls are from 8:30 to 4:30 PM Monday through Thursday and 8:30 to 12:30 PM on Fridays.The doctors that share call for deliveries and after hour emergencies are: Carin Appel, M.D., Katy Bonds, M.D.,Pamela Chandler, M.D., Rhodesia Castillo, M.D., Jill Gulizia, M.D., Clyde Meeks, M.D., and Amanda Murdock, M.D. Please visit our website, www.whaonline.net to read more about each physician.


You will be expected to keep your prenatal clinic appointments. These appointments are important for yours and the baby's health. Your blood pressure, weight and urine will be checked at each visit. These tests screen for potential problems during pregnancy.


There will be occasional blood testing performed as well, such as diabetes testing around 28 weeks. You will also be screened for anemia at that time as well.


Routine sonograms will be performed during the pregnancy. These are to screen for any potential problems with your baby. An anatomy sonogram will be performed between 20 and 22 weeks. At this sonogram measurements of the baby will be performed and the baby's internal organs will be viewed. This sonogram is usually when the gender of the baby can be revealed, if you want to know.


Our physicians deliver at Northwest Texas Hospital as well as Baptist Saint Anthony's Hospital. Please check with your insurance company to find out the preferred hospital of delivery and notify your physician at your appointment. Attendance at either of the hospital's childbirth classes is encouraged. These classes will cover the labor and delivery process and prepare you for the first few days of a newborn's life. You will generally sign up for childbirth classes during the third trimester.


Again, we are glad you chose the physicians at Women's Healthcare Associates for your prenatal care! We look forward to taking care of you!


Guidelines for a Healthy Pregnancy

  1. Call the office for any ofthese symptoms:
    • Vaginal bleeding
    • Menstrual like cramps that persist despite rest and increasing fluid intake
    • Unusual pressure of pain in the bladder area of other symptoms of urinary difficulties
    • Heavy vaginal discharge or loss of clear fluid from the vagina
    • Persistent and severe headache despite Tylenol use

  3. Be aware that the office hours are from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Thursday and 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM on Fridays. If you have problems, do not hesitate to call us at 806-355-6330. There is doctor on call after office hours for emergencies. If you feel that you need to go to the hospital, please call the office first.

  5. Remember that the physicians at Women's Healthcare Associates rotate call on weekends and at other times. The doctors are: Dr. Appel, Dr. Bonds, Dr. Chandler, Dr. Castillo, Dr. Gulizia, Dr. Meeks, and Dr. Murdock.

  7. Please read over the list of medications that you may take if needed. No other medications, prescription or over the counter should be taken unless approved by your clinic physician.

  9. You will be given the option to have first trimester and/or second trimester screening for Down syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities. This is your decision. Please discuss this test with your provider and notify your physician of your decision.

  11. We routinely perform HIV testing as mandated by state law. This is not only to protect you and your healthcare providers, but also to protect the baby.

  13. Sexual intercourse is all right unless cramping or bleeding occurs, in which case you should abstain from sex until the symptoms subside and you get approval from your provider to resume intercourse.

  15. You are encouraged to walk one to two miles a day, or to get another form of exercise at this level. Generally, if you exercised prior to pregnancy, you can continue to perform that exercise, but may need to modify your activity level. Avoid high impact, "bouncing" exercise.

  17. Take a prenatal vitamin that contains at least 400 mcg of folic acid daily.

  19. No alcohol, smoking or illicit drug use during the pregnancy.

  21. Caffeine is okay if it is limited to 1-2 servings a day.

  23. Please notify your provider if you desire permanent sterilization (tubal ligation). In some cases, you will need to sign a consent form at least 30 days prior to your delivery.


Pediatricians in Amarillo Area

You will need to choose a provider to care for your baby after delivery. You need to have one chosen by at least 36 weeks. Please call their office to make sure they accept your insurance and are accepting new patients. Notify your physician or nurse practitioner of your decision. Click here for a list of Pediatricians in Amarillo Area


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